Yield Endurance Could Be The Answer to Cryptocoin Volatility Trading

Let’s face it, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are volatile, which has kept many institutional traders on the sideline, citing volatility as an unknown quotient of measuring risk – that is, until now.

A new player in the cryptocurrency arena has come up with a program for institutional traders interested in trading virtual coins that just might be the answer to volatility trading.   Sport Endurance, Inc. (OTCQB:SENZ) wholly-owned subsidiary, Yield Endurance, Inc., has entered into a partnership with Madison Partners LLC, a market-leading liquidity provider for trade execution in digital assets and cryptocurrency worldwide.

Yield Endurance borrowed $5 million in Bitcoin and lent it to Madison Partners LLC to back institutional traders in the cryptocurrency.

Walk the Walk, Not Talk

FIVE MILLION DOLLARS is no small chunk of change and Yield Endurance’s management believes the Partnership with Madison Partners is no small bet and perhaps a HUGE return for OTCQB: SENZ investors.



If something trades at difference prices in multiple places, buy it where it is cheap and sell it

where it is expensive.

  • Bitcoin, for example trades on more than 100 exchanges around the globe and hundreds of other

currencies trade in venues few people have heard of.

  • According to a February 4, 2018 article in the Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin’s price can vary across

different exchanges, at times, such spreads have widened into the thousands of dollars.

  • Price of bitcoin can diverge between exchanges due to glitches or network traffic jams that slow

transfers between users.

  • According to a February 4, 2018 article in the Wall Street Journal, at times price differences have

widened to 1-% or more, or thousands of dollars, and in some cases persisted for days.  THIS IS PRECISELY WHERE YIELD ENDURANCE GIVES VALUE!!!


Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.  It is the world’s first decentralized digital currency and therein lies the problem.  Bitcoin is volatile and as a result, some transactions aren’t completed as quickly as needed, which creates volatility.  That scares institutional traders – and it appears that Yield Endurance (SENZ) has the answer!

A lot can be said for Bitcoin.  It has outperformed gold and other precious metals.   A $1,000 invested in 2010 would be worth $35,000,000 today!  But since its launch, over 75 other cryptocurrencies are now in use with over 200 more expected in the next 2 years.  Wikipedia puts that figure near 1300!  The opportunity for growth is staggering!!!

Swings (in price) of 10% or greater are sometimes occurring every few hours.  Imagine getting caught in that with no where to turn to cover a trade?   ENTER Yield Endurance…

Yield Endurance (SENZ) gives institutional investors a way to earn yield on their cryptocurrency assets including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Those cryptocurrency assets are then made available to Yield Endurance’s strategic trading partner who makes those assets available to their clients to borrow, hedge, and arbitrage their trading risk.

Institutional investors will have the ability to better manage cryptocurrency risk and increase yield to maximize return on investment for their funds.

Learn More About SENZ at your brokerage today!



Yield Endurance went public through a reverse merger into Sport Endurance, Inc (OTCQB: SENZ) and have been so focused on their business, they haven’t had time to change its name… but that’s coming shortly.   Shares of SENZ traded at a recent low of $0.30.  Now the stock is just beginning to WAKE UP, trading in the $0.80 range – WHICH IS A KILLER BARGAIN PRICE FOR INVESTORS LOOKING TO CASH IN ON THE CRYPTOCURRENCY FEEDING FRENCY ON WALL STREET.

According to the industry group ISLA, in July 2015 securities lending was valued at $1.72 trillion which represented a total value of $13.22 trillion available on loan.  In 2017, according to finance market data provider, DataLend, this market grew to over $2 trillion, with lendable value or the value of securities made available for borrowing to over $16 trillion.

The current market cap for Bitcoin is $153,847,791,495  (1 BTC = $ 9,057.4 USD as of 2018-04-25 13:26:47).  The average time per block trade is over TEN MINTUESNO ONE is able to say what the dollar volume in trades has been for the year, or last year.   Its just TO VOLATILE TO COUNT.  But the risk is that you can’t get a trade done quick enough and so your money could fizzle before it pops.  That’s why YIELD ENDURANCE (SENZ) is an investors’ dream.

According to a story in Forbe’s, Bitcoin now processes $2 billion in transactions per day.  That’s more-than SEVEN TIMES THE NUMBER OF SECURITIES LENDING TRANSACTIONS and while those numbers seem appealing, just imagine if more institutional investors got involved.

SO HOW MUCH OF THE GAME CAN OTCQB: SENZ GET?  $10 million?  $20, $50, $100 million?  MORE?  Just imagine what that will do for Yield Endurance’s bottom line?  And what about its share price?  As Jackie Gleason used to say on the popular 1050s hit TV show, The Honeymooners… “TO THE MOON, ALICE!”

Compatibles In The Crypto Sector

The Harvard Business Review calls blockchain technology “transformative”, not “disruptive”.  “It has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems,” said the Review.



PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) recently filed for a patent on blockchain technology that will make cryptocurrency transactions faster.  Yet PYPL’s shares didn’t get the pop that KODK, RIOT and LBCC saw.


Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) and PayPal have inked a partnership that enables Android Pay users to make payments using PayPal’s app. According to a Bloomberg report, the partnership broadens PayPal’s reach into coffee stores, which PayPal CEO Dan Schulman sees as “key to getting customers to use PayPal more frequently than the current average of two to three transactions per month.”  It may also be a precursor to GOOG getting in on blockchain technology, considering PYPL’s recent patent filing.

Here’s what Yield Endurance brings to the table:

Cryptocurrency borrowing is still an emerging feature resulting in…

  • Greater market volatility
  • Inefficiency and instability of market
  • Inability for investors to maintain a stable return on investment

Yield Endurance helps address this inefficiency by…

  • Alleviating the investor’s lack of technology and trading expertise
  • Increasing institutional participation in cryptocurrency markets by

enabling investors to short and hedge positions

  • Giving “hodlers” a way to earn yield on their crypto assets

Here is how it works:

Fund loans SENZ cryptocurrency (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum or litecoin) in exchange for interest payments

  • SENZ, through its partner Madison Partners, lends end client cryptocurrency at varying terms per deal
  • End client uses the borrow to short, hedge, and arbitrage the cryptocurrency
  • Madison pays SENZ a profit share
  • Revenue share after expenses on monthly basis
  • SENZ pays fund periodic interest payments on cryptocurrency loan

Yield Endurance Partner

Madison Partners, a registered MSB, is a market-leading liquidity provider for trade

execution in digital assets and cryptocurrency worldwide.

Their technology and infrastructure provides excellent access to the electronic markets and

a myriad of tools to ease cost of routing and market impact.

Transaction stage:

Prism Funding (first institutional investor client):

  • $5M bitcoin loan to SENZ

SENZ (public vehicle, transaction intermediary, operational facilitator)

  • Grants access of inventory to Madison Partners to lend out to the market

Madison Partners (trading arm)

  • Lends crypto to market participants generating fees to be split with SENZ


  • The more assets the Company is able to lend, the more revenue and higher margin the Company expects to be able to generate.
  • The growth strategy of the Company is to build their portfolio of institutional lending sources and increase their inventory of loanable cryptocurrency assets.

If you view bitcoin as “digital gold” then there is tremendous growth potential. Gold’s market capitalization is about $8 Trillion, bitcoin is approaching $200 billion. In other words, if purely compared to gold’s total value, bitcoin might have as much as 40X more growth potential.

With 40X the growth potential of gold, you can see why OTCQB: SENZ has such a strong growth potential too!!

SENZ may just be the best bet out there amongst cryptocurrency stocks!

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