SENZ transforms crypto by giving institutions the ability to hedge bitcoin

Special Report Statement of risk
1. Users of virtual currency may lose some or all of their investment. 2. The value of virtual currency may change substantially in a short amount of time. 3. Transactions may be irreversible, even if fraudulent or accidental.
4. Quickly changing laws or technical problems can adversely affect the use, transfer exchange and value of virtual currencies. 5. There may be security risks.

With the vertigo-inducing swings in the crypto markets year-to-date, institutional investors with strict bylaws guiding their mandates are desperate for new tools to manage the risk of their crypto assets, ways they’re accustomed to using in the $2 trillion securities hedging industry.

Through its veteran, strategic partner, SENZ exclusively markets a platform that enables it to hedge bitcoin.

This capability is intended to unlock institutional investment in crypto on a massive scale and provide the same portfolio management tools available to stock traders.

Yield Endurance’s unique platform applies proven risk mitigation solutions used extensively throughout securities lending to help unlock institutional cryptoinvestment.


Because of the predictability of the Yield Endurance model, scale is the critical driver, so the success of the business depends on their ability to continually attracted new bitcoin to hedge.

Last month SENZ announced the acquisition of $5 million worth of bitcoin which institutional traders can hedge.

Yield Endurance (SENZ) has partnered with Madison Partners, a registered money services business (MSB). MSBs are licensed by the federal government to transfer or exchange capital, including digital assets.

Madison Partners specializes in providing liquidity for trade execution in digital assets, including the technology and infrastructure to do so.

Yield Endurance (SENZ) has already achieved their first institutional investor client, Prism Funding. Prism has provided a $5 million Bitcoin to Yield Endurance in order to facilitate security loans. In exchange, Yield Endurance will make interest payments on the loan.

SENZ is now primed to begin providing digital asset hedging to end clients, who will use them for shorting or hedging purposes. The fees thus generated will be shared by Madison and Yield Endurance.

SENZ offers a new way to manage risk in crypto markets. Their hedging program is diversified and allows institutional investors to hedge positions, which will potentially enable millions in new bitcoin investment

Bitcoin Sectors Stocks to Study

Even if you’re not interested in cryptocurrency, Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) is a stock worth owning. The shares are up nearly 70% just in 2017, revenue is growing almost 40% during fiscal 2017 and the company is on track for over $8 billion in revenue this year, while taking 25% of that revenue to the net income line.

Nvidia is also a very expensive stock, with a market cap of $111 billion. That’s almost 14 times this year’s estimated revenue, and a whopping 53 times earnings.


Barry Silbert has been behind many crypto trends over the last few years.

He was previously best known for Second Market — a way to trade stock in private companies, acquired by NASDAQ Inc (NASDAQ:NDAQin 2015. His Digital Currency Group (DCG) was originally a unit of Second Market, combining a cryptocurrency trading firm called Genesis Global Trading with an asset management firm, Grayscale Investments.



For a company that doesn’t make much profit, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) has been making a lot of money for investors lately.

Over the last year, AMD shares have doubled in value, opening for trade on Oct. 9 at about $13.50 each. They cost less than $2 each early in 2016.

Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)


In the Gold Rush of the late 19th Century, the companies that made the biggest killings were the ones that provided services to the prospectors and miners, like jeans manufacturers like Levis or banks like Wells Fargo, as opposed to the miners themselves.

SENZ vision is to capitalize on the vacuum of services for the exploding crypto market by delivering a proprietary hedge, arbitrage with predictable and scalable growth and profit.

The opportunity presented by a limited availability of hedging options for institutional crypto trading is a good match for the combined capabilities of Yield Endurance and its back office strategic partner, Madison Partners.


For anyone investing in crypto, understanding the Yield Endurance business model is essential to avoid plowing into the field without being fully informed.

SENZ could be an opportunity to profit from an operation that aims to capitalize on its unique qualifications to resolve a massive obstruction to crypto trading growth in an under fintech served crypto trading sector.

SENZ plan is to methodically grow a predictable, cash flowing fintech business with massive scalability through adaptation of its partner’s in the crypto sector.

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