Vytorin finally freed of accusations as shares of Merck rise in value

Vytorin finally freed of accusations as shares of Merck rise in value

Claims around the famous Vytorin of Merck – a debated cholesterol medicine – have continued and the independent supervising committee announced how apparently there aren’t any problems with the safety of this medication. These affirmations served as great news, because the sales were already problematic for Vytorin. The good part is that finally, on Tuesday morning, the rise of the Merck shares was of 3.7%. One of the JPMorgan’s analysts, Chris Scott, finally cleared things out when he said that he sees no way and no possible cause of safety problems of Vytorin. By doing so, he kept the studies alive, enabling the drug studies on Vytorin to go further on.

Drug experts, responsible of conducting quality studies on all drugs, must always make sure to research through clinical trial data, information which is not accessible to public view. The main purpose of such actions is determining whether certain medications have safety issues and whether they are effective or not in treatments.

The Vytorin tests are of major interest as investors have been eager to find out any possible updates. The tests are ongoing, ever since 2005, and almost 20 thousand patients have taken part of the test, all of them having their cholesterol levels under control and all of them have had heart attacks or the obvious pain before the heart attack. Fortunately, the studies are continuing until the September of 2014. The only real purpose of this study is determining whether Vytorin can become the new Zocor (which is a well-known cholesterol controlling medication) or not. Vytorin currently generates yearly sales of above $1.7 billion and Zocor is also made by Merck.

Tim Anderson, analyst at Sanford Bernstein, sees the recent news as very positive ones, especially because he believes that the number of investors who expressed their troubling around the safety of Vytorin was too high. Thanks to some studies of a smaller amplitude, both Zetia and Vytorin had dropped in sales since 2008, because the small studies concluded negative aspects. Vytorin is actually a medication which includes both the elements of Zocor and Zetia, to fight the bad cholesterol levels even more efficiently. Zocor and Zetia act differently, but to achieve the same effects.

The study conclusions to follow in 2014 are really expected, because this will finally settle all details and let us know if Vytorin is safe and efficient and how valuable it is. The shares of Merck on the New York Stock Exchange had been between $1.5 and $45.2.

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