Validian Corp (OTCMKTS:VLDI) Partners With Requiem Software

Validian Corp (OTCMKTS:VLDI) an innovator in cyber-security technology confirmed its partnership with Requiem Software Labs Texas, Inc. to team up with key companies in the mobile division to develop protected mobile applications for the consumer, government and business markets.

Colin Woodworth, the President and CEO of Requiem Software, said that they are excited by the potential technology to fuel the swift development, deployment and supervision of large numbers of protected mobile and non-mobile apps, which can drive the specific mobile operating systems sales as well as makes of smart mobile and the growth of mobile ad revenue of Validian’s partners.

The scope

There are more than two billion Smart phones and tablets based mobile and web applications on mobile and non-mobile devices such as servers and laptop computers. The annual revenues recorded from the Smartphone sales surged from $56.9 billion in 2009 to over $272 billion as of May 2015.

Each one per cent of this segment is now worth over $2.7 billion in annual sales. Total global annual sale generated from mobile ad is projected to jump from $26 billion in this year to more than $68 billion in coming two years. Accordingly, each 1% of this segment will move from $260 million annually to over $680 million per year in sales.

The management view

Bruce Benn, the Chief Executive Officer of Validian, said that mobile apps are a leading factor to drive the smart mobile devices sales, which further contributes in the growth of mobile ad revenue. However, the demand for non-secure mobile apps has been dropping since 2012 and the lack of technology for advancing secure mobile applications is the reason large percentage of protected mobile apps have not materialized so far.


Validian Corp (OTCMKTS:VLDI) negated almost all the gains incurred in the previous trading session to finish the last trading session with a net loss of 13.21%. The early part of the week saw the stock rising sharply but the price action yesterday gave signals of retesting the lows. The volume pattern remained high as the volume of the day at 5.9 million was considerably higher than the daily average of 1 million. From the larger perspective, the volatility is just noise inside the long term range of $0.020-$0.075 and any investor can buy around the lower end to book profit near the higher end.

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