Spiral Toys Inc (OTCBB:STOY) Highlights Growth Strategy

Mark Meyers, the Chief Executive Officer of Spiral Toys Inc (OTCBB:STOY), gave a 32-minute interview to Stock Market Media Group. During the interview, he highlighted the company’s progress and growth strategies. He also talked about leveraging plans with its distribution associate to support a multi-million dollar digital media and TV marketing campaign that commenced in April 2015.

The highlights

Mr. Meyers stated that due to the marketing campaign’s strong response, the company has received over one million orders for CloudPets. It is one of the latest products of Spiral Toys which is expected to hit the retail stores in this summer. CloudPets is also the first product to have company’s unique mobile-connected entertainment platform that helps to connect physical products to mobile devices. It provides an entirely different and pleasant interactive user experience for adults and kids.

The mobile based entertainment platform is supported by mobile apps available for free download on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Play store and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s App store. These apps offers feature of dynamic interaction and the prospect for feature and content monetization via in-app purchases.

The profile

Spiral Toys was established by a ex-senior executive of Sony and Disney. It is a California-based firm focused on marketing and developing mobile apps and products in the mobile-connected industry. The patented mobile-based entertainment platform enables users to connect physical items to top mobile phones using wireless technologies.

Spiral Toys offers its unique products worldwide, and is formulating additional apps based on unique platform technology. These apps are directed for numerous verticals within the entertainment space. The company generates revenue from the sale of digital content on the Google play store and Apple App store, and through the physical sale of products.


Spiral Toys Inc (OTCBB:STOY) experienced a very volatile session yesterday as it registered the day high at $0.68 and the day low at $0.50 before closing at $0.6050, almost at the exact midpoint of the day’s range. The volume of the day at 174,000 was much higher compared to the daily average of 46,000. The series of higher highs and higher lows keep the short to intermediate uptrend intact but the overlapping nature of the rise raises doubt over the inherent strength of the bulls. The uprend remains intact as long as the support around $0.45 remains intact.

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