RightsCorp Inc (OTCMKTS:RIHT) Introduces Popcorn Time Protection Service

RightsCorp Inc (OTCMKTS:RIHT) a leading provider firm of analytic and data services to support owners and artists of copyrighted property, reported that it has introduced Popcorn Time Protection service for content owners who intend to stop unauthorized streaming of their content through Popcorn Time. The offering includes 365x24x7 monitoring of the network and related data collection and reporting services.

The highlights

Popcorn Time, also known as “Netflix for pirates” can be stated as an illegal BitTorent-based software app. It comes in the list of most used platforms to illegally TV shows and stream movies. In June 2015, Venture Beat said that Popcorn Time recorded 1 million downloads on non-jailbroken devices naming it the most downloaded application outside of Apple and Google Play’s App store.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) reported that piracy can be termed as their top competitor. The company referenced a graph highlighting Popcorn Time’s surging interest in the Netherlands. Earlier in September, the Wall Street Journal issued an article on Hollywood production firm Millennium Films, suing users of Popcorn Time in an attempt to combat online piracy.

The management view

Christopher Sabec, the CEO of RightsCorp said that Popcorn Time is an evident danger to Hollywood and straightforwardly threatens the right of the owners and creators of content to decide how content is shared and distributed. The management believes that RightsCorp new Popcorn Time Protection service is a scalable answer to deal with this threat to Hollywood.

The offering is unaffected by DMCA takedown notices and by domain blocking. The latest numbers reveals that revenue from U.S. home video has declined 30% since the surge in torrent file sharing including revenues from streaming services.


RightsCorp Inc (OTCMKTS:RIHT) enjoyed a solid gain of 5.83% in the last trading session but still looked unlikely to end the week on a very strong note. The volume of 1.5 million was much higher than the daily average of 174,000 but even that may have turn out to be inadequate as the price has been stuck in a narrow channel, as shown on the chart attached. The only thing the bulls can really count in their favor is the series of higher highs and higher lows though the intense overlapping of the waves negate most of the strength.

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