Palin makes fun of Obama during CPAC speech

Palin makes fun of Obama during CPAC speech

Sarah Palin, the former nominee for vice president, mocked Obama during a speech that took place in a conservative activist event in Washington. During her speech, Palin accused President Obama of failing to maintain a stable campaign approach and she also made fun of the way he demonized any opposition that he faced. ‘’ If American citizens are looking for true leadership, then any poisonous practices should be ended and this included treating citizens of different ethnic or religious groups as completely different electorates.

If all the citizens were treated equally, there wouldn’t be any ethnic issues in the United States right now’’, she explained.  The former governor of Alaska didn’t stop here, as she also continued mocking the proposals of Obama for gun rules that are stricter. She explained that if the president wanted strict background checks and gun laws, maybe he should have started with his background first. Palin also criticized Republican leader Rove, who is known for helping President Bush win most of the electoral victories.

Rove has explained recently that the Republican Party need to start selecting people who are ‘’electable.’’ “I really don’t understand how we should be vetting any of our candidates,” Palin explained. “This is something that some member of the Republican Party find acceptable surprisingly.’’ She also used humour in her speech where she referred to herself as a hockey man that had gun lockers in her home. Palin first rose to fame during the vice presidential an election during 2008 and this is when she became an instant hero to most conservatives. However, the issue was that she appeared confused and unprepared most of the times and this is what made her an extremely easy target to the Democratic Party.

After the campaign was ended, she still remained an important force for the Republican Party where her endorsement continued to be critical for fundraising efforts. During 2010, she signed to be a commentator for Fox News but this ended very soon. She was also expected to run for a presidential campaign during 2012 but eventually decided not to go for it. So far, there hasn’t been any comment from the Democratic Party and it is predicted that there won’t be in the future, especially that Sarah Palin is known for her humorous and mocking style. President Obama also has a lot on his hands right now as he has been travelling throughout the Middle East.

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