Obama’s Meeting with Republicans End in No Progress

Obama’s Meeting with Republicans End in No Progress

The first meeting session of Barack Obama with the Republican House resulted in a no agreement in relation to debt reduction, though lawmakers remain skeptical about his intentions and aims.

In a positive and open tone, the Republicans which include the Speaker of the House John Boehner voiced their disappointment in regard to the president’s opposition for their plan of balancing the US budget with tax increase policy where the price for entitlement projects and programs get overhauled, such as that of Medicare.

Obama, before talking about the long term dues and debts of the nation, is trying to hold the fact of increasing tax as a hostage on the US people once again. However this is not going to proceed too far, says Boehner in a meeting at Capitol yesterday.

The lawmakers are still pricking the republicans from the campaigns of Obama where he tried to put pressure on the Congress in order to stop the cuts on automatic spending situation that was schedule to take into action from the 1st of March. The republicans asked the president whether he is truly serious about finding any sincere solution to the programs of spending and taxing on US people. The growing distance and controversy between the Republicans and the Democrats in regard to the budgetary plan of 2014 shows no sign of conclusion, thus reaching out for debt limit which is scheduled to reach in the month of mid-May.

A representative of Republicans, Greg Walden, said to reporters that he had to leave the meeting as Obama needs to revive his trust on the Republican. It was sad to hear that the president does not believe that there is need to maintain balance in the budget that is framed for a time span of 10 years, says Walden.

The talks of Obama with the lawmakers are not expected to affect the budget scenario immediately. He is also scheduled to meet with the Democrats and Republics once again today. The outreach of the president for the congress is observed as coincidence with the voting week of the Senate in relation to government funding from September 30th in order to avoid a shutdown situation which is about to expire on the 27th of March.

“The meeting had a very respectful tone, both from the president and our members. it as an open and frank discussion, but the tone was thoroughly polite and good.” says Boehner, an Ohio Republican when asked what was the best thing about the meeting session. In spite of this, the Republican lawmakers have stated that the discussion emphasized more on the drift in ideas regarding tax expansion and spending policies among parties.

“The president made it quite clear in the meeting that the proposed plan is not on his agenda at all”, states Grimm, the New York Republican.

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