New Flights to Be Added In Korean Air Lines

New Flights to Be Added In Korean Air Lines

The biggest air carrier of Korea, Korean Air Lines Co. is planning to add more flights to nations such as US and Canada within this present year, as it adds two new SAS A380 Airbuses to its fleet of superjumbos.

According to Woo Kee Hong, the head vice president of Korean Air who is responsible for the strategy and planning of the company, said in an interview organized at Seoul in the month of March that the organization will be adding nine more planes to its fleet within this year, thus increasing its number of flight to destinations such as Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas and Vancouver. He also adds that the organization will also be increasing the flight service to various nations such as Japan, China, and Southeast Asia etc.

The Korean Air company, which largely banks on the Samsung Electronics Co. is expecting to witness increase of passengers by almost 3.9 percent within this year, as part of the growth of economic market in the US and Asia, thus assisting in masking the demand of the European scenario. It is stated that the airlines situation will improve globally in comparison to the earnings of last year by approximately 40 percent in the year of 2013, said the International Air Transport Association. In the words of Woo, “There is lots of potential that will be connecting the airline industry of US and the Asia.”

Woo add that to expand the passenger seats in the Korean Air Lines between Seoul and Atlanta, there is speculations about operation of A380 planes as part of the company’s 10 weeks flights. During the end of the month of December, the organization had 146 planes, which comprised of six A380 along with thirty two Boeing Co. 777.

Talking about the plans and strategies of the Korean Air Lines, Woo Kee Hong mentions that the company plans to give its present 747 aircrafts a break as it will add more plans to the fleet which will be high in fuel efficiency. It is observed that air carriers which include Singapore Airlines Ltd. and Deutsche Lufthansa AG are also preparing to add more fuel efficient plans to its fleet as the cost of kerosene goes up by 39 percent within the last three years.

Woo reveals that the capacity of flights in European cities will however remain unchanged as there is rising competition in the aircraft industry of Middle East. He also says that the flying situation between nations such as Asia and Europe have become highly competitive in present days. Not only the carriers of Middle East, it is expected that the airlines of Europe will also start to offer extremely competitive prices in near future.

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