Lufthansa Airlines to Add More Flights to Their Program

Lufthansa Airlines to Add More Flights to Their Program

The airline company, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, has agreed to restart its short pull flights with 100 aircrafts that are fuel efficient. It is reported that these air carriers from Airbus SAS are scheduled to operate soon after reduction in the cost of kerosene which expanded more than 7 billion euros in the previous year.

The company reveals in a statement today that out of the total flights ordered; around 70 will comprise of A320neo and A321neo models. On the other hand, 30 flights will be equipped with modern engine option for better access. This airline company also plans to take over six flights of Boeing 777-300ER, which will cater to long haul Swiss unit; added with two A380, thus summing up the total price to 9 billion euros for these 108 plans. It is stated by the company that customers will also get to enjoy discounts on placing orders in these flights.

Lufthansa, the second biggest airline company of Europe, is gearing up to emerge with its ambitious project of availing 2.3 billion euros as profit within the next two years, i.e. 2015. The organization had put on hold their payout in the year 2012 as part of financial need to invest in these planes. However it is estimated that the net income for this year may go for a drop, thus making it quite unclear whether the organization will be able to avail its free flow of cash in the current span if 2013.

In an interview speech that was arranged by journalists at Frankfurt airport, just ahead of the annual press release of the airline organization, Christoph Franz, the chief executive said that this year and the next one, that is 2013 and 2014, is expected to be tough time for implementation and continuation of the reconstruction procedure.

As per the information and data provided by Lufthansa today, it is stated that the cost of fuel has increased by 18 percent in the year of 2012 that is 7.39 billion euros in average, considered as one of the largest expense. However the company hopes that there will be a decline in this price hike in the current year by 7.2 billion euros.

The operational profit level of Deutsche Lufthansa Airlines dropped by 36 percent in the year 2012, making it to 524 million euros, which is estimated and expected to grow in this current year of 2013. The measurement of savings by the organization got coincided with its renewal program of fleet that comprise of addition of 236 planes. It is expected to that the airline organization Lufthansa will take over complete operation by 2015 with a price listing of 22 billion euros.

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