LBCC Has The Dynamic Potential To Dominate The World’s Next-Gen Economy

Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) Positioned To Be 2018’s Biggest Blocktech-Sector Surprise!

A blockchain pioneer is set to join forces with a high-tech upstart in a merger that could offer a rare form of entry into the world’s most talked about trend – blockchain/cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, this could be the most transparent blockchain/cryptocurrency pure-play ever offered.

That’s because this is a singular opportunity for investors to gain access to a young high-tech company via shares that trade on a highly regulated major U.S. stock exchange – the Nasdaq.

This is opposed to the usual blockchain/crypto investment, which involves the trading in the internet-based world of cryptocurrencies.

It’s why both aggressive and risk-averse investors should keep their eyes on Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC). That’s because it looks perfectly positioned to become one of 2018’s top blockchain/crypto headline makers.

LBCC has been on an aggressive acquisition trail this past month, inking a deal to acquire 100% of an established blockchain applications development company with over two dozen technologists, and closed on two strategic investments including a UK-based financial institution, and East Indian micro lending fintech CashE which boasts over 40,000 customers.

This is perfectly positioning LBCC to become one of 2018’s top blockchain/crypto headline makers.


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“Even if the craze for Bitcoin and Ethereum abates, the power of the “blockchain” tech behind those currencies is very real. Here’s how businesses are trying to harness it—and why they can’t afford to ignore it.” –FORTUNE Magazine Aug. 22,2017

Moreover, the fact that LBCC operates in the bright light of day, on a major stock exchange, offers a significant advantage in a time when countries across the globe are banning cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Here’s why what’s going on with Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) deserves to have it on investors’ watch lists now.

Blockchain is now a mature technology. It is becoming more and more embraced by businesses worldwide. That’s a huge difference from when it was only known as the technical foundation for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Still, no term today is more hyped, and more poorly understood.

What blockchain is, and why it’s so now coveted by corporations, is a kind of ledger, a table that businesses use to track credits and debits. But, it’s a ledger on steroids – cutting-edge is too weak a term for it.

There’s never been anything like it. Because one of blockchain’s distinguishing features is that it uses complex mathematical functions to create an unbreakable code used to verify transactions. In other words, super encryption.

Crypto-Hysteria is Different From the Huge Blockchain Revolution

Put another way, the Bitcoin crypto-hysteria was actually about a moon-shot-like innovation in the humble world of accounting – the hysteria was due to blockchain! And, Long Blockchain (Nasdaq: LBCC) is at the forefront of this revolutionary breakthrough – a revolution that will be at the heart of a mega trend that could be 10 to 20 times bigger than cryptocurrencies.

So, the focus should be on blockchain technology alone… hence, it should be on a pioneering tech company like Long Blockchain (Nasdaq: LBCC).

After all, just look what happened in January 2018 when stodgy old Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK) announced the Kodak coin – a blockchain-based service and accompanying cryptocurrency that allows photographers to store and license their photos directly off the Kodak blockchain.

User would be able to track the use of the images and payments on those images. And, while digital photo warehouses already exist online, and photographers are paid accordingly through a middleman, what Kodak offer was a brand-new service based on blockchain.

Eastman Kodak’s stock price doubled on the news.

Blockchain is Warming While Cryptocurrencies Could Be Cooling

Again, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are different. And, cryptos could be entering their winter – a cooling off period. But blockchain is in its spring – just blooming.

And, because it’s the holy grail of encryption, the technology behind Long Blockchain (LBCC) could put an unbreakable lock on everything from credit card payments, to bank account information, to personal health data, to personal credit records, to government secrets.

This bold new era of hyper security should be music to consumers’ ears. Because too many people have suffered high-profile breaches, such as when hackers broke into Equifax’s database and stole the credit card, driver’s license, and Social Security numbers of 143 million Americans.

The blockchain megatrend is just beginning.

In fact, blockchain has so many benefits that the consulting firm DeLoitte forecasts that by 2025, 10 percent of the U.S.’s GDP will be built on blockchain. That would be more than $2 trillion at the rate the economy is growing.

In other words, a $2 trillion opportunity that could drive massive investment gains for people who understand blockchain’s awesome potential.

And, investors can bank on the DeLoitte forecast. It’s a huge global consultancy with a reputation that’s built upon on one thing – accurate forecasts. DeLoitte reports that today, blockchain technology is delivering more privacy, more security, more transparency, more accuracy, and more savings because blockchain cannot be hacked or broken into, even by the Russians.

This is what’s driving the forecast for blockchain technology to sweep across the globe. That’s why Long Blockchain (LBCC) merits your immediate attention. Best of all, the revolution is just beginning. That means early investors get to ride the entire trend.

Blockchain Investment Shocker!

Farsighted people will do surprisingly well with blockchain.

Remember It sells overstocked goods like furniture on the internet. But now it’s focusing on a becoming a blockchain company and using it to build a cryptocurrency exchange.

That new business drove its stock up 316% in the 12 months that ended Feb.1, 2018… a strategy shift ignited a soaring stock price.

Long Blockchain (Nasdaq: LBCC) Will Fuel More Revolution

The true revolution in how blockchain will change the world is in how companies, both public and private, raise working capital.

Long Blockchain’s breakthrough technology will be at the heart of a sprawling world of crowdfunded startup businesses and services. In fact, 2018 should be the year of the ICO – Initial Coin Offering.

Prior to last year, not many people outside of the blockchain technology community had heard about ICOs. In fact, before then, ICOs barely registered a blip on the financial scene. That all changed in 2017 due to the billions of dollars that were raised by ICO campaigns.

In essence, an ICO is similar to a mega Kickstarter campaign, but instead of thousands of dollars, with an ICO billions of dollars are at stake. That’s because ICO is a crowdfunding process in which a startup company issues digital cryptocurrency tokens to investors in order to establish its business.

An ICO allows the individual to become an early adopter of the startup technologies. Also, unlike a stock market IPO, the ICO is not a stock, so investors don’t own a share in the company and don’t have ownership rights to future profits.

But, the startup bolts the value of the coin to the value of the company. The coins are traded like fiat money. The company soars, and its coin soars. And, if this sounds like speculation, many times it is.

LBCC Is A Traditional Nasdaq High-Tech Company That’s Helping Drive The Revolutionary Crypto ICO Startup Market

That’s why Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) is such an interesting company. It’s a pure play blockchain. But, because its shares trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange investors buy shares in, and own a piece of, the company.

Buying shares in order to own a piece of the company is a more traditional investment approach… perhaps, a bit less speculative, too.

Moreover, Long Blockchain is acting like a traditional Nasdaq company. It just announced that it’s acquiring a leading-edge blockchain technology company called Hashcove.

Hashcove Amplifies The Excitement About LBCC Because It’s A Full-Service Blockchain Technology Company with a Global Reach

Hashcove is known for using its blockchain prowess to build global platforms for encrypted identity solutions, crypto-exchanges, wallets, digital information platforms, and smart contracts for ICOs.

The acquisition beefs up Long Blockchain existing business with these leading-edge blockchain solutions:



Crypto Wallets – cryptocurrency wallets are secure digital programs used to store, send and receive crypto currencies like Bitcoins and Ethers. Hashcove offers a wide range of solutions in developing multi-cryptocurrency wallets with advanced security features for web and mobile users.

A crypto wallet has public and private key pairs that are required to receive and send digital currencies over the blockchain. A cryptocurrency itself is not actually “stored” in a wallet. The wallet is in a private, personal ledger of transactions that also allows the owner to send and receive coins.

Smart Contracts – smart contracts are at the heart of blockchain’s bright future, hence they are at the core of Long Blockchain’s tremendous upside.

That’s because a smart contract is code that is deployed to the blockchain, to self-execute based on some conditional trigger(s). Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.

Each smart contract contains code that can have a predefined set of inputs which are computerized transaction protocols that execute the terms of a contract. Smart contract code is executed within a blockchain transaction – so the data stored as a result of running the smart contract (i.e. the state) is part of the blockchain’s immutable ledger.

These will be just some of the major uses for Long Blockchain Corp’s blockchain smart contracts:

• They are vital to Initial Coin Offerings. As noted above, ICOs are a method used in blockchain space, decentralized applications, and in-app tokens for bootstrap funding of startup project.

That’s to its Hashcove acquisition, in an ICO, Long Blockchain would ensures that the smart contracts written for token sales have the most advanced security features to withstand any hacker attacks.

• Insurance providers can use smart contracts to automate claims processing, verification and payment.

• Smart contracts can also provide real-time visibility for every step in a supply chain management. As you’ll see in a moment, this is another blockchain breakthrough, because the global behemoth retailer Walmart is adopting it.

• Individuals can own and control their digital identity containing data, reputation and digital assets using smart contracts.

• Smart contracts are capable of storing and digitizing Uniform Commercial Code fillings and they can automate both the renewal and release processes associated with record storing.

• Smart contracts can now streamline the entire sales process for any business by using either trade payment initiation, or the Letter of Credit methods of transmission.


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Walmart Leads the Blockchain Supply-Chain Revolution

The supply-chain revolution struck with full force on March 1, 2018. That’s when Walmart won the patent for its “Smart Package” system.

Walmart’s “Smart Package” is a Blockchain-based tool to track package contents, environmental conditions, location, and other details.

In its patent application, Walmart said that blockchain will help it build greater security into the shipping process, both to and from Walmart. The blockchain will record the key addresses along the supply chain such as the seller’s private key address, a courier private key address, and a buyer private key address.

Moreover, “Smart Package” is not the first instance of Walmart using blockchain technology. In November 2016, Walmart partnered with IBM to use blockchain technology to detect and remove recalled foods from its products list.

Blockchain technology is popular with shipping and delivery companies, too. UPS joined the blockchain via a Trucking Alliance in November 2017. Singaporean port operator PSA International struck a deal with IBM to test and develop a blockchain-based supply chain network in August 2017.

The Long Blockchain Acquisition of Hashcove Also Brings Some “Traditional” Blockchain Functions Into the LBCC Fold

Not only is Long Blockchain a traditional Nasdaq play, but, in the era of cryptocurrencies its Hashcove acquisition comes with some great legacy blockchain technology.

That includes the ability to build a crypto exchange. Whether centralized or decentralized, crypto exchanges allow users to convert and trade their crypto currencies with other crypto currencies and fiat currencies.

A Hashcove-built exchange would provide clients web and mobile front ends, matching engine, liquidity management, connectivity to native crypto currency blockchains, market data and order execution.

Hashcove now allows Long Blockchain the ability to offer clearing solution based upon blockchain technology. Now, Long Blockchain-based clearing solutions are for real time clearing and settlement. It allows for any exchange-matching engine to clear trades post execution through a private blockchain, across equities and futures, reporting and other financial transfer instructions.

Post-Acquisition, LBCC Will Offer A Fundamental Blockchain Benefit

Finally, thanks to its acquisition, Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) now offers an enhanced fundamental benefit of blockchain – a Know Your Customer business environment based on blockchain.

A KYC platform based on blockchain offers enhanced security for mobile and web transactions. Important documents, such as loan applications, are securely shared with any institution with a primary KYC blockchain. That’s a two-way street as blockchain based KYC allows businesses and institutions to manage customer data in a reliable and easy manner.

In short, Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) is positioned for sustained success across all business segments… across cryptocurrency segments.

LBCC brings highest level of trust between individuals and companies, bringing a new level of ease and simplicity to the process of serving customer and trading cryptocurrencies.

Compatibles In The Blocktech Sector

The Harvard Business Review calls blockchain technology “transformative”, not “disruptive”.  “It has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems,” said the Review.



PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) recently filed for a patent on blockchain technology that will make cryptocurrency transactions faster.  Yet PYPL’s shares didn’t get the pop that KODK, RIOT and LBCC saw.


Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) and PayPal have inked a partnership that enables Android Pay users to make payments using PayPal’s app. According to a Bloomberg report, the partnership broadens PayPal’s reach into coffee stores, which PayPal CEO Dan Schulman sees as “key to getting customers to use PayPal more frequently than the current average of two to three transactions per month.”  It may also be a precursor to GOOG getting in on blockchain technology, considering PYPL’s recent patent filing.

Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) Looks Undervalued

There is an argument to be made that LBCC is somewhat undervalued. Because of its transparency on a major U.S. stock exchange Long Blockchain’s performance is readily available.

As its chart indicates, for the past year its share price has followed successes and swoons as investors learn the difference between cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, and true blockchain plays, such a Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC).


Long Blockchain (Nasdaq: LBCC) Is A Dynamic Next-Gen Company

Today, blockchain companies have broken out. They are separating themselves from the cryptocurrency world.

In fact, there are now at least four major blockchain Exchange Traded Funds.

This is a sudden wake-up call for investors everywhere, because blockchain is at the heart of the global economy’s next generation.

Thus, Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) has the dynamic potential to become a major Next-Gen company.

Early movers will like where blockchain takes them.


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