Kerry Urges Stop of Iraqi Aircrafts to Aid Syria with Arms

Kerry Urges Stop of Iraqi Aircrafts to Aid Syria with Arms

John Kerry, who is scheduled to visit Iraq soon, has urged the Prime Minister of the nation, Nouri al-Maliki, to ensure that the Iraqi aircrafts are not used to fly arms and ammunitions for militaries at Syria. Kerry who is the first secretary who will be visiting Iraq after four long years says that if Iraq wishes to hold a say in the future of Syria, they should first stop the bloody act of conflict in the nation.

Kerry, aged 69, stated that he has also talked with the leaders of Iraq with the urge to abandon the conflicting actions among the ruling party of Shiite, Oppositions of Sunni and the Kurdish regional government organizations. The authorities of US say that this supply of arms to Syria has resulted in discord and discomfort in the unity of Iraq, hampering the economic construction and investment scenario which are needed to develop and enhance the nation, which is proved to be the fifth largest provider of crude oil in the global market.

The tour of Kerry was not made public until his return due to security reasons, which also falls on the same date as the 10th year anniversary of the US invasion in the nation of Iraq in order to ensure the collapse of Saddam Hussein, which including terrorist bombing that resulted in death of more than 60 people within one week.

It is observed that after the departure of the US troop from the land of Iraq in the year December 2011, the impact of neighboring nations has grown with the Maliki’s Shiite dominating the government after the politics and foreign policies were waned off the Iraq.

Kerry stated in an interview that he has made it quite clear to the Maliki government that US is considering the Iranian flights to be problematic as they are helping provide military arms thus helping the President to stay in power. Kerry also stated that he had a good and spirited discussion with Maliki and has requested him to halt the flights in order to remain committed to the partnership of US.

The revolt of two years against the Assad has highly become a source of discomfort in the US and Iraq. Even US president Barack Obama has earlier said that the Assad must leave as it is creating pressure between the relation and partnership of Middle Eastern nations and European nations.

The flights of Iraq has been marked as the prime route of supply of arms to the Syrian forces as daily flights provide with weapons and fighter arms, as stated by the senior official at State department official, who refused to be named due to the secretiveness and sensitivity of the matter.

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