John Brennan Elected the New CIA Director

John Brennan Elected the New CIA Director

US Senate approves John Brennan as the director of CIA, and rounds off the chance of President Obama’s second session for having team for national security. Brennan has been with the intelligence agency for twenty five years and won the position through an approval voting in the president’s administration.

the debate of selecting a CIA director through voting came after the administration of Obama was linked with drone outbreaks, particularly against US citizens who were suspected to have tie ups with the terrorists. Brennan got to achieve this position after a voting session of yesterday where he won by 63-34.

The lawmakers of the senate committee got access to administration and legal options on this issue. Rand Paul, Republican Senator of Kentucky said that he received assurances that the administrative committee will not use their automated planes against US people on the nation’s soil, unless there is any emergency terrorist danger.

Brennan who is 57 years of age will be taking up responsibility from Michael Morell, who is the present deputy director of Central Intelligence Agency. Morell had been leading the intelligence agency on a temporary basis since the resignation of David Petraeus in the month of November after he admitted having a concern with his profiler.

Talking about the new CIA director after the voting session at Senate, Obama says “People of CIA will be guided by someone who is their own. Accurate and timely intelligence actions are essentially critical in order to disrupt any terrorist attack.”

Brennan will be in control of the secret agency for various situations and challenges, including cuts in US budget to covering for shortage of secret agents who are trained and skilled in various cultural aspects to gather information about the terrorists who are spread on a wide region of Pakistan, Iraq, Mali and Yemen.

Speaking for over 12 hours at the Senate floor, Paul assured that the administration will never use any drones against Americans who were not associated with terrorist acts. After the vote, Paul says that the secured promise is a victory for the liberty of Americans.

In the session, Paul also held out a letter that he received from Eric Holder, the Attorney General with an additional question whether the President will have the power to use drone in order to execute an American who is not linked with any battle on the nation’s soil. He answered this question with a ‘no’.

Brennan, the new director of CIA jointed the agency in the year 1980 where he performed various analytical jobs in Saudi Arabia. In the year 2004-2005, he was the director of National Counterterrorism Center. Later in the year 2005, he joined Analysis Corp. another national security agency at Virginia, as the president and head officer.

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