IBM To Build Customer Relation in Cities of Africa

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IBM Corp. or the International Business Machines Corp. which is known to make the maximum of its profit from contracts of high end technological demands is all set to add more growth to its sales report. To enhance their reach of customers, IMB is prepared to build relationship with people who will not need to pay anything as of now.

As per the reports of the company, it is stated that the organization is developing on an application that will help track down the water system of Tshwane, located at South Africa. South Africa is a region where more than half its population stays in slums and are not at all connected or acquainted with the technology of plumbing. With help of their new technology, IBM will be offering them with community to utilize free apps. This new project planning started after the company sent a team of its executives and officials to the South African cities in order to get access to the system for their new corporate project to be started in the month of October.

IBM gets to enjoy the benefit that it can use the cities of South Africa as a testing ground for their new application, along with gaining preference and favor from the local governmental authorities. This project is also important as it can help seek attention in other cities also that suffer with similar troubles. Banking on building relationships with new clients, IBM now has offices in more than 20 countries, unlike only four in the year of 2006. The organization plans to utilize customer relationship as the key benefit in their favor.

Perry Hartswick, the chief architect at IBM’s new program of Smarter Plant, says that they are not just claiming the money of any nation. They are providing with proper solutions to civic problems with help of new age technology. He says, “We are moving in as part of the African nation. This is a very important part of our approach to any new geographical location.”

The company of IBM has already arranged for 100 teams of staffs to the nation of Africa as part of their customer service solution. This team will be working on all types of civic programs such as morality, cleanliness etc. in relation to the Council of Foreign Relations. To win over the continent of Africa is at present the priority of IBM Corp. which has plans for availing revenue of   $1 billion within the year of 2015, says a consultant of the industry who refused to be named yet.

It is speculated that the new free application will allow people of Tshwane to report leakage of pipes, faulty pipes and default canal conditions by sending only a text message speedily and easily.

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