HIGH PERFORMANCE (OTCMKTS:TBEV) Updates On Sports Beverage Launch

HIGH PERFORMANCE (OTCMKTS:TBEV) reported they have officially begun the sales of their first ever High Performance Sports Drink™. This first phase of marketing and sales for the first market sports drink will make their way through the company’s corporate website and they will also be available at www.amazon.com.

The profile

High Performance is a leading sports beverage manufacturer firm catering to needs of different athletes. The company’s Executive Management team has previously worked on developing, distributing and marketing tier one brands for Xyience, SoBe Beverages and Arizona Iced Tea in the U.S. and Canada.

Deploying their expertise and experience in the relevant industry, the company has successfully developed a “first to market” new drink vertical that is considered a “triple threat” by offering consumers and athletes with a beverage that supplies body with the proper fuel. It is essential to power through a sporting affair by helping to augment energy and performance, while providing recovery formulation and hydration benefits, required for superior conditioning.

The benefits

Whether an athlete is looking to record optimal performance on the field, in the workplace or in the ring, High Performance Sports beverage will help provide that competitive edge that all participants are looking for. Additionally, sports drink is sugar free and is extremely low in caffeine, and therefore it caters to a much broader group including golden-age, teen-age, prime and diabetic athletes. Whether the consumer is a professional, amateur, competitive athlete or just a warrior this drink will meet their dietary needs.

More prominently, because of company’s multi-purpose approach, High Performance is not confined to just the energy drink segment. They appeal to a much broader consumer segment and wide-range retailer base.


HIGH PERFORMANCE (OTCMKTS:TBEV) has lost more than 60% from the swing high in the last 4 sessions and the price action yesterday was just another part of that. The stock ended the last trading session with a large cut of 14.29%with the volume surging to 337 million, slightly higher than the daily average of 310,000. The stock is very close to the final and major support area around $0.0008, as shown on the chart attached. The price action at this point will be decisive as a break of that level may drag the price all the way down to $$0.0001-$0.0002 levels.

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