Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Finalizes Master Distribution Deal With Carolina Canna Distributors, LLC

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that they have finalized a master distribution deal with Carolina Canna Distributors, LLC. It is a subsidiary firm of Carolina Hemp Company based in Asheville, NC. The deal is to exclusively sell Hemp’s product line of hemp-based cosmeceutical such as candles, skin treatment oils, shampoos, conditioners and many others.

The details

Under the terms of the finalized deal, Hemp appointed and granted the distribution firm with the non-assignable and exclusive right to sell its products in North Carolina. Also, Carolina Canna Distributors will have non-exclusive right to sell product line anywhere else in the U.S. and on global platform. Bruce Perlowin, the CEO said that they are delighted to have Carolina Canna on board. It will help to increase the visibility of products in more than 400 outlets in North Carolina.

The objective

The objective of deal is to offer the wide range of premium quality Hemp product line in to the mainstream market and generate awareness for hemp. Educating the American citizens and creating awareness on hemp and its benefits. It will mark the advancement of the industrial hemp movement. There is a need to create awareness surrounding the hemp crop, as it is very unique and its every part has utility that creates market value. The demand and supply are stimulated.

The development

As per Hemp’s recently launched video update on Product Sales, the CEO is shipping three pallets of company’s cosmeceutical product line to North Carolina. It will mark the debut of the innovative hemp-based products. The Distribution deal with Carolina Canna may be expanded with more products as Hemp extends its product portfolio to include CBD product line in the future.


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) enjoyed a fine gain of 5.77% in the last trading session but the bulls would still like to see the final closing of the day a bit closer to the day high. The volume of 19 million was slightly lower than the daily average of 21 million, keeping some questions open regarding the actual strength of the bulls at this point of time. The major support around $0.0250 has turned into a very strong resistance level after the breakdown, as shown on the chart attached and as long the price trades below that, the entire control remains in the bearish grip.

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