Google’s Chromebook worth $1300: How hard is it going to be for Apple?

Google revealed its new creation on Thursday, a high tech touch screen notebook that is badly going to affect MacBook and other Apple products.

Google is proud for its upcoming Chromebook Pixel that is a complete blend of laptop and tablet technology, also boast of its Intel chip that is heavyweight and screen meant for rich graphics. It was released in Britain and United states with its starting price of $1299. Sundar Pichai, Senior vice president of Google Chrome said “People will give up a MacBook Air for this,”.

US market gets the pixel model that features in-built connectivity of Verizon Mobile internet service at an easy price of $1449. The version that has been launched recently will be about to content to internet through wireless technology and even cable. Pixel has its debut in San Francisco, Om Malik from GigaOM a technology news website said that “It’s a great looking product,”.

“But Google is facing a selling problem, they have to compete on price originally and build a developer base for a high-end product.”

Google is expecting a comparison with its competitors like Apple products and MacBooks that work on software Windows 8. They focus on touchscreen features data storage of Google drive that is as big a terabyte. Forrester analyst James McQuivey said “It seems like a pretty hard sell”, “I hope they are not planning to make a lot of money off it.” The sole purpose of Pixel seems to aim at MacBook market but it is sure to get some tough competition from all the touchscreen laptops that are based on Windows 8.

McQuivey said “It seems like more of a symbolic product release with Google trying to make a point that it is no longer just a low-end provider of devices,”. The launch of this product increases the rivalry between the two top most brands that are engaged in their battle of latest tablets and smartphones. “This is for power users we expect to live completely in the cloud,” Pichai said. “The Pixel is about pushing the state of the art.” “It is clear that touch is here to stay and that it is the future,”. He says that the Pixel screen resolution is the best among all the laptop’s so far. Google is also about to release a Quickoffice software in next three months that will be able to handle spreadsheets and documents after the complaints made by users of Chrome notebook. There were difficulties in the usage of Microsoft software like word and excel.

Google has worked with developers of third party application for creating programs of pixel. “The goal is to get the Pixel in the hands of all our early adopters as well as developers,” Pichai said. “We think our ecosystem will respond well.” The list of Chromebook makers also includes brands like Lenovo, Acer, HP and Samsung, the products are available at low prices comparative to high tech laptops.

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