General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Recalls another 2.42 Million

Denver, CO 05/22/2014 (Stocksntrade) –  Pressure continues to mount on one of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), after recalling 2.42 million cars. The latest recall brings the total recalls for the year to 13.6 million; the largest in the company’s history. The latest recall of 2.42 million cars involves cars, trucks, as well as sport utility vehicles expected to affect the outright face of the company.

Federal Officials Mounting Pressure

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) continues to face intense pressure from federal officials and safety advocates as a number of defects in its CARS continue to cause serious injuries and fatalities. Failure of the company to fix its defective ignition switch caused an uproar with authorities, after it was linked to 13 deaths. In response to the accusations of negligence, the giant automaker has made a number of changes to its safety practices and identified a number of problems consequently.

Crossover SUV’s being recalled include Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia. The vehicles are thought to have a problem that cause the seat belt to separate during a crash. It is a serious problem seen by the fact that the automaker has ordered dealers not to sell any used or used models.

GM Fined $35 Million

Attention now shifts to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration having hit the giant automaker with a fine of $35 million on its defective ignition switch that caused 13 deaths. Revelations show that GM engineers knew about the switch problems as early as 2004, but the company failed to take immediate action until February this year.

The latest recall comes as news emerges that General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s legal team is the focus of an internal inquiry on how it handled the switch ignition defect that was linked to 13 deaths. Investigations are to run for two weeks.

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