Eye watch the upcoming iWatch

Eye watch the upcoming iWatch

Apple’s upcoming iWatch may be unveiled into the technology market. A report says that Apple has employed a team of 100 professionals to work on this Dream-project, the lead being in the hands of Apple design chief Jonny Ive as opposed to the market knowledge of company’s trend to depute small teams which work on secret projects. A lot of buzz has been in the market about it’s another upcoming new market launch, the Apple Television. The iWatch promises higher business profit margins and growth opportunities as compared to the television which has a higher cost and a longer replacement cycle.

Watches are so boomerang back in action with the new additions like health monitors and sensors which could record the fluctuating heart rates. Just like the Nike Fuelband. With regard to ‘feature’ abilities the “people familiar with the company’s plans” have stated that the watch-like device shall integrate task capabilities similar as in the iPhone and iPad like making a  call, a caller ID special feature, incorporated pedometer for step counting .

Apple has filed almost 79 patents that contain the word “wrist”, one of them being for a ‘wearable accessory device’ which displays videos. With the time ticking more patents pour in. The iWatch is predicted to run a full version of iOS as compared to the version used in other watch designs. This however might crop up ‘battery life’ issues. The estimated battery life is said to be at the max of 2 days, against the desired life of 4-5 days at least. The other problem might be that of ‘appropriate interface setup’. A back to back prototype contestant in this category is Cookoo, a brawny male-oriented smartwatch which apparently operates for a whole year on just a button cell. Despite its analog hands, it can display several digital indicators, impelled by Bluetooth signals from the smartphone. Supported by beeps and also a vibration motor, it sends out alerts for all missed calls, incoming calls new emails or even an appointment. The watch can amazingly also talk back to the phone, so can be used as a remote release for the camera.

It works deploying an application designed for iOS devices including all king phones:  iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 and the full-size iPad models released in 2012, also the iPad Mini and the new iPod Touch. This all comes for a price of $130, the seller being ConnecteDevice Ltd.
The perpetual Rat race to stay ahead in the game despite the fierce competition faced from Samsung electronics which has its own range of upcoming smartphone launch in near future, the new iWatch might prove to be an edge and help in picking up momentum. This wearable computing is the NEXT BIG THING in the arena of technology and Apple is following Pebble. The new techno watch is said to be installed with Apple’s Passbook payment software which enables the user to make mobile payments. Indeed a Smartwatch. Soon to hit the masses and the classes.

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