Easy Immigration Policies at St. Louis for Developmental Mission

Easy Immigration Policies at St. Louis for Developmental Mission

Ibrahim Vajzovic, who owns three business of his own, along with teaching various courses at the Webster University and Arts College in Webster Groves, speaks about education and hard work as he sits in his company First Bosnian Insurance Agency, behind the huge desk.

Vajzovic who is around 53 years of age came to the US in the year of 1994 during the time of war. He was a refugee from Bosnia who survived the immigration processes that were faked by lots of people at that time. As the states of Arizona and Alabama go through the laws of barring immigrants, it is observed that St. Louis is welcoming immigrants with pleasure. It is observed that this move is considered as a city enhancement move that will attract foreign workers to the place, which is perhaps the only way to improve on its population figure. It is reported that the population of this place got a dip as residents left home since the time of 1880.

According to the words of Charlie Dooley, the executive of St. Louis Country, “In order to improve our chance of growth, it is important that we encourage immigration. Without people coming here, there will be lack of development in areas where people will not be willing to live.”

This strategic move to encourage immigrants at St. Louis is started a debate in the US Congress. In advance to its November election, the presidential nominee of Republican, Mitt Romney, says that the Arizona’s immigration law should be the model for nations. proposals for immigration law change was also produced by senator Rand Paul who states that legal status must be provide to the 11 million workers who are at the nation without any documentation.

It is speculated that the US lawmakers want to embrace the immigration law with ease, which is expected to benefit St Louis with a fresh wave of new foreign immigrants who will be willing to settle down at this region for work and development purposes.

The history of St Louis states that this is a place that people wanted to stay as it was considered as a gateway towards the west. However during the expansion of the 1800, the German immigrants settled by the Mississippi River. By the year of 1900, this place had become the fourth largest city in US which became the center of development for everything, ranging from cars to beers. The gateway Arch of this place is also considered as one of the most prominent public art sculpture to admire.

However, during the latter half of the century, there was drop in the city’s business and economic scenario. In order to revive the economic rebirth along with generation of trade, leaders of the place are encouraging more immigration opportunity.

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