Comment of Boeing Regarding 787 Battery Problems; NTSB Upset

Comment of Boeing Regarding 787 Battery Problems; NTSB Upset

Boeing Co. has been rebuked by the officials of US for the comments made by its executive officials at a media conference, regarding plans to get addition 787 Dreamliner flights once more.

As per the National Transportation Safety Board, it is stated that Boeing had not informed its investigators regarding what they will be saying at the media briefing that was to be held at Tokyo on March 15th. They say that the comment was completely inconsistent and unreliable coming from a company that is already involved in a probe of accident, said David Tochen, the general counsel of the safety board in a letter written yesterday.

In association to this letter, there is indication of tension growing in the investigation in relation to the stakes of Boeing. It is speculated that the airline company of Boeing is trying to repair its damage of image for the highly efficient planes which they had previously approved for flying.

The spokesman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Kelly Nantel, remarked in a statement that the primary concern of the NTSB is that at time of the briefing of 15th March in regard to the 787 battery system, the Boeing Company presented with their personal analysis and speculations about the investigation process. The agency is reported to have been stopped the airline company into its investigation process after there was a fire accident on 7th January at Boston, involving usage of lithium battery of the planes of Japan Airlines Co.

Another incident that is also under the process of investigation include the All Nippon Airways Co. which witnessed overheated battery and fume radiation, thus causing the US Federal Aviation Administration to get the 787 flight grounded from the month of January.

Marc Birtel, the spokesman of the Boeing Company said that the organization is committed to provide with complete cooperation to the NTSB and all other regulatory establishments in regard to the incident of 787 batteries. It also states that they will also make sure to ensure all efforts to help the 787 fleet get back in proper service.

At the media briefing that was held at Tokyo, the officials of Boeing Company had stated that the design which they have proposed in the system of Dreamliner’s battery event may get approval to be used in commercial planes within the next few weeks, after the permission from the FAA organization. They also stated that even though NTSB is probing through the incidents, they do not have the right over flights.

The project engineer and the vice president of the 787 flight, Mike Sennett, told that the investigation of the NTSB shows that there were no traces of flames in the battery case in the findings of the incident of 7th January.

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