Civil Patent Infringement Suit Against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Goes To Trial

Denver, CO, 06/12/2014 (Stocksntrade) – A civil law suit being heard by the jury in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria yesterday, rose more than a few eyebrows when it became known that a company called Rembrandt Social Media had brought suit against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) which is arguably the biggest social networking platform in the world today for patent infringement.

Patent Approved In 2002 For Surfbook Surfaces

The suit alleges that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) infringed on patents awarded to brilliant Dutch computer programmer Joannes Van Der Meer, for a web platform he had developed and registered as “Surfbook” in the early years of 2000.

The civil suit is being pursued by a firm called Rembrandt Social Media which is a holding company and is representing the Dutch developer’s interests in the case since Mr Meer passed away in 2004, before Surfbook was publically launched.


The court papers indicate that Mr Meer had originally applied for patents in 1999, to recognize his web based application which would replicate an individual’s personal diary. He was issued with a patent for the same application in 2001 the court papers indicate. The timelines of the patent awarded to Mr Meer are of paramount importance since Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) debuted publically in 2003.

Facebook Push Backs

In its rebuttal, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) lawyers have claimed that the patents were wrongly issued to Mr Meet since the ideas and procedures he had provided to file the patent application were all widely in use and in the knowledge of people who were in the software development space.

Rembrandt Social Media lawyers claim that the jury will find that, “Although Mark Zuckerberg did not start what became Facebook until 2003, it bears a remarkable resemblance, both in terms of its functionality and technical implementation, to the personal web page diary that Van Der Meer had invented years.”

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